From The Outback: Red Center

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face covered in clay. hair red from rolling in the dirt. skin dyed in sunset from digging my face into the sand and filling my ears with the sounds of

From the Outback: A Celestial Choir

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  Gathering wood in the outback. Eating meals by the fire. Listening to crickets and a celestial choir. Woke up to some curious dingos sniffing out the bear. I gave


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WATER IS EVERYTHING. as human consciousness continues to evolve and grow, people are becoming increasingly aware, considerate, and growing more compassionate towards themselves, their communities, and to their environments. as

Bluesfest: From the Greenroom!

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so we walk into bluesfest and we’re looking for our greenroom and you literally have to walk down this hallway with red walls and red carpet before getting to a

Bluesfest Blossoming!

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  Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic zeroes put on one of the most intense and emotionally dynamic concerts I’ve ever seen. Almost like a group therapy session where the lead

Back to Oz!

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you just can’t judge a book by it’s cover. here I am sitting in the lobby of this high rise hotel on the goldcoast, fresh off the plane from Bali,

BaliSpirit Give Thanks!

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BaliSpirit! What can I say? Singers. Teachers. Lovers. Healers. Innovators. Collaborators. An ultimate culmination of compassion, creativity, and community. A template for the future of music festivals everywhere. A standard

Kissing Lightning

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  last night I kissed lightning. a mighty wind, and coming rain. then a full shock to my chakras. it was like trying to eat light. white volts shot straight

on the move to Ubud!

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woke up on the coast. made my merry way to Ubud. checked into the hotel. fountains and statues everywhere. got a motorbike. had the typical bali 4 hour long lunch

Enter: Bali

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  Driving south along congested streets and rice paddies. Hot sun and smog all the way to seminyak. Brushing up on my Bahasa and getting all sorts of excited for