would someone please stand?

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  they’re burning beaches to build buildings. someone scores big on a construction contract. uneducated power hungry politicians change laws. excite laborers with sports and women and beer. workers toil,

Extra! Extra!

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This morning I woke up to chanting and singing in the misty mangrove mountains. A couple workshops and yoga classes later my friend scooped me in her car and we

Educate & Protect: the TPP isn’t fair or free

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Australia is like a wonderland. A diverse and exciting continent full of natural brilliance and beauty that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. So it’s kind of a

Return to the Shire

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  crushed cinnamon and sage. smoke spiral serenades. sleep seems surreal. exhaustion seems energetic. the ocean turns traveled miles into medals. salt water skin. starlight songs. red hands. red lands.

rivertide: or alms for artemis and apollo

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  see the dust kick up as he stomps the rocks? like some titan. some tidal wave shaking creation from clay look at him walking barefoot up the mountain look


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  remember running through the city the sounds of footfalls echoing through alleyways the orange glow of street lights where wood bridge meets cobblestone the river becomes something like a

Cesspools of the Hanalei watershed.

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The greatest pleasure in human interaction is to look another in the eye. For it is in the eyes of men where all that is hidden, all that is present,

A noise that is joyful

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We burn sage to please the gods. Under the New Moon, we make our offering. Praise. With every breath, we rise above. Creeping out of the concrete. Our love grows

Life is but a dream

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Flash. Sunlight streams in. Fingers fly. Messages channel. A myriad of words imprinted on the back of my eyes. Wake up. Endless stream. Mermaids are real! Rubbish! Hey, give it


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  I got off the plane and charged straight through the fields of dried lava and abandoned plastics. I found tunnels and whispers of ancestors in the cracks and hollows.