I trust that you will

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Sunday, darling, sunday. In this moment I am a breath. I am a breath caught in the ocean of breaths. A simple yet profound tide that beats upon the existent

england. mead.

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  I can’t care forever. My heart would dry up. I can’t give up on caring. My heart would become calloused, barren, unfit to love anything but my own self

Drink up.

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Whirlwind. The self as the vessel of all chaos. The gods as tribal and mystic dancers. Ecstatic and mad. Spiraling in a dervish frenzy upon the soil of man. Dashing

dream planet, domestica

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red wheels. black castles. the watchful eyes of spies. turning. constantly turning. shifting from one dimension to the next. their scope is insurmountable and all encompassing. a hospital bed. some

chasing giants.

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Hello World. Dark stone reporting. Beaming to y’all from San Francisco…again. Fighting bad guys. Protecting the streets. Giving alms to the poor. Blessed drives. Coastal moments. 3 vans. 13 friends.

She Hears Us. Speak divine.

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Ch-ch-changes. Turn and face the strain. Go with the flow. I am just a passing wave. A sea turtle out at sea. Drifting from one micro-cosim of blessing to the

the joyful haunts of San Francisco. part 2.

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  there we were. cold in skin yet warm in the sunlight half-hair long and dreaded and explosive uncertain as to what societal standards each strand should cater to yet

From the fish bowl, Airport Aquarium, Scones and Coffee. part 1.

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Sitting in the MSP airport. Eating a scone. Lost in the land of $4 candy bars. Weird cafe music is playing over the loud speakers, interspersed with public service announcements.

Captain Waterman and the Fast Crusaders.

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Today I woke from a waking dream. Footsteps towards the gateway between this realm and the other. I emerged into a palace of beige and maroons. curtains latticed and saintlike.

4AM. Breathe Minneapolis. (or) an honest walk and rollercoasters

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You go for an honest walk and slowly the world opens up until you can taste God in everything around you. This is crazy, guys. I’ve been writing for the