Sake Parabola.

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Sake Parabola. an ocelot, recently escaped from the zoo, stumbles upon a great and generous sorcerer. the sorcerer looks deeply in her proud and feline eyes and offers to grant

Hoops. The art of giving and taking.

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  Saints Day. George to be exact. All hail the good old dragon killer, St.George. For without him, there would undoubtedly be some crazy, fire breathing thunder lizard reeking all

old clothes. new skin.

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  sunday, somber sunday. woke up in a lazy blur. the first night all week I didn’t fall asleep at 60 miles an hour. a hunk of spirit in a

Jazz thoughts. back from Mankato.

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  HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLAN. Ohm. Robin said I should write a blog. Robin is a bit of a superwoman. I’ll gladly do what she tells me. right now. in this

Atlantis, flowering.

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  Can you hear my heart beating? I could only smile. I’ve been alone some time. Words sprinkle out of my salt shaker lips. Drifting out from some cosmic sea.

The Arms of Angels. The Blood of Kings. Part 3 of 3

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The other day I was sitting at the beach with my favorite family on the west-side of the Island. These are some of the most brilliant sharing kind and compassion

New Moon. New Shoes. Part 2 of 3

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…But that’s not really why I started writing this. This is just a little foundation to let you in on what goes on in my mind. What I really, really,

Tom Cruise, Dao Chocolate, and Completely Unattached Attachment. Part 1 of 3

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Let me start off my saying this: Oh my sweet divine goodness. I am so blessed to be here. to be alive. to be breathing. to be sharing each second

A blind introduction.

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  Sleeping on a train to Tokyo. Go. go. go. New York city. Discovery is playing. Rich kid electro-pop jolting my consciousness. Audio coffee. Slick synths are turning my waking

Happy Birthday, Krishna!

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Wake up. Jungle palms. Sunlight. These are great signs that I am very much alive and ok. Justin walks in carrying some little diapered angel in his arms and remarks