Sleeping on a train to Tokyo. Go. go. go. New York city.

Discovery is playing. Rich kid electro-pop jolting my consciousness. Audio coffee. Slick synths are turning my waking brain into a colosseum of iridescent bubble-like awareness.

Where was I before this? Where was I a million years ago? My dreams. What bizarre wisdom do they speak to me?

Through the rain and thunder I can hardly remember. Waking up in the Pink House jolts me out of my early morning introspective stupor. The kitchen comes alive with sounds of breakfast. The setting itself is a melting pot of dialects. Southern drawls, Australian banter, west coast english, all the little pieces come alive- laughing, chittering, chatting, barking and soothing as they discuss, plan, and manifest plans under another sun and moon cycle of our human self awareness. Morning time means waking up to a house of friends. On those those beautiful mornings where the sun beats out the rain, I make the front porch my roost. Sitting with the princely canines/would be guard dogs too kind and lovely to do anything but sniff inquisitively at the many strangers soon to be friends approaching the front doors of the pink house. On those ochre pillars I’m privileged to sit, reading a book, playing guitar, and offering up my morning prayers to family, loved, ones, self-healing, and openness.

Today is a special day. I don’t even know what it holds but I know that I’m alive. I just ate a little chocolate, I’ve got clean water to drink, I brushed my teeth, I’m writing this blog, and among a million other little things I will do today, I get to breathe air and thus, choose to seek goodness in each waking moment.

I’ve been learning a lot about patience this week. To be real I’ve been learning about patience my whole life, but in the past week after a swimming trip with the pink house family, I lost my contacts diving into the ocean. It’s funny, for all the times I’ve jumped off higher cliffs, went swimming through bubbling rivers, open eyed diving through much more roaring currents, I have never managed before last week to lose a contact. The setting was ideal. Warm waters, beautiful skin twisting shades of brown, caramel, and ivory swimming deep through the bright blue expanse of the bay. I came up blind and to this day, blind I remain. Learning to cook, shop, travel, read, type, and do all the things one does in the modern world on a daily basis, while frustrating, has been a very empowering and grounding experience.

Today ends the blindess.



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