Australia is like a wonderland. A diverse and exciting continent full of natural brilliance and beauty that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

So it’s kind of a massive bummer driving 12 hours through this paradise and hearing about all the plans in place to rip up forests, develop the coasts and dredge a giant sewage highway into the great barrier reef.

Who is this guy Tony Abbot that he would seek to destroy every thing of beauty in this powerful spirit country of Australia? Who are these men who meet in shadow to pass evil agreements like the TPP that take the precious remaining liberties of those who would speak for the forests and the waters and impose the loss of corporate profits upon their own governments and people? Who are we, as citizens of America, Asia, and Australia, that we’ve become so disconnected that these wicked men can give away sovereignties that most people know nothing about?

This world of ours is beautiful and full of potential but the future of her creatures and her precious resources are in peril and need protection. How will we advocate for our planet when the very rights to gather and speak could be taken from us? How can we have victories in activism when corporations are given the right to sue governments for projected losses?

Sending compassion, solidarity, and empowerment to those working to protect our environment and liberties. This isn’t a fight, this is a shift in consciousness.

May divine dreams awaken wicked men from their selfishness and greed and may the innovators of our age even the playing field by offering compassionate consumer alternatives that work in harmony for the planet and our people.




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