Sitting in the MSP airport.
Eating a scone.
Lost in the land of $4 candy bars.
Weird cafe music is playing over the loud speakers, interspersed with public service announcements.
I got some crumbs on my keyboard.
I got some thoughts in my head.
Now the Beatles are singing through the overheads.
“Ticket to ride” is playing.
Staring out across an empty terminal.
I’m almost certain there is a god up in heaven.
With his eternal iPod, waiting for this exact moment.
To simply press “play”
As 20 or so funny looking humanoids
Strap into a hulking metal bird
Thinking human thoughts
Whilst boarding a plane to Milwaukee.

In this very moment

If I had a fortune cookie.

I think It just might read: (Though I cannot say for certain)

To go West, you must first go East.

So I’m going East, first.

Just in time to head






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