We had maybe 50 people here tonight when the doors opened. I started playing and people kept trickling in. I’m maybe halfway through my set when I start singing “Strong Like Jah” and an older gentleman starts burning his dollar bill. He immediately gets accosted by 3 security guards and thrown out of the club. Feeling primarily responsible for his expulsion, I decided to end my set, grab my guitar, and invite anyone else who would to join me and accompany him outside. Flash forward 20 minutes and we’ve got quite the crowd built up in the streets of West Chester singing their hearts out. After we got done singing we sat and had a nice talk about law and protocol and money and perception that ended in us all holding hands and embracing each other in gratitude.

Even though it’s frustrating that 5 people were banned “for life” from the venue for burning money or otherwise being self-actualized persons, the ad-lib show and the conversation that followed has filled me with a such a deep sense of wonder and appreciation-

Playing music is such a beautiful gift and I feel so thankful for all the fun shows and radiating energy that resonates when people gather to sing and dance. What I continuously crave, however, are real conversations about our society- where we’re at, where we’re headed and how we actually feel.

Tonight, West Chester offered such a beautiful foundation for those types of conversations and I gotta give major props to the rebel rockers, the engaged onlookers, and the free spirits for sharing their perspectives and speaking their minds.

Yeah, Pennsylvania!

Peep this video of us singing in the streets:


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