Sunday, darling, sunday.

In this moment I am a breath. I am a breath caught in the ocean of breaths. A simple yet profound tide that beats upon the existent shore of every single creature on this planet.

The breath of life.

Isn’t it crazy how we can take our breath for granted? We are living giants of bio-majesty. Within each and every one of us there is a micro-cosm of mystery and intuitive mechanics that guide our towering vessels throughout the charmed and perplexing labyrinth of life.

I have woken into a sleeping world. The sun, while it shines the truth of it’s brightness, is not the primary care giver. His radiance is not allowed to fill it’s celestial duty. Through a consciousness all too separate from earth and her rhythms, a new light has formed.

There are those who worship the sun.

But I have never heard of those who perform fluorescent salutations.

What can be said about the sun can also be said for the great harvest of this planet. A spiraling web of succulent treats, grains and fibers, the freshest fruits and purest waters. Now all can be purchased, and only so, upon the injection of metals and the transference of false-light energy.

Isn’t it crazy that we can accumulate a resource called money in exchange for our time? And depending on our backgrounds and various bureaucracies of human capital and estimated social worth, we can be deemed among the very rich, or the extremely poor.

The problem is that we’ve allowed ourselves to ignore the inherent richness of this world. We’ve allowed ourselves to be marked stricken in a world of endless abundance.

Nature will never be silenced.

Step out of the known.

Step into the void.

Silence the busy mind.

Be washed and amazed in the rapture of the natural world.

At first you may not know which way to turn.

But you must simply go forth.

You may think your will is not strong enough.

But if you have any doubts that you will succeed, remember, a world of blessing awaits you.

Go forth.

I trust that you will.


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