Robin said I should write a blog. Robin is a bit of a superwoman. I’ll gladly do what she tells me.

right now. in this moment. I can barely type. I left my glasses at a super old school diner in De Pere, Wisconsin. I was sipping coffee and pounding down Hashbrowns with the homie/brother/nerd-rap-extraordinaire-Rory Ferreira (AKA Milo) when the excitement of vernacular exceeded the focus of possession and I ultimately bid Wisconsin a big “smell ya later” and left my new spectacles in the land of cheap beer and cheese.

no big deal, though. I’ve got one contact in and can kind of see. I’m not picky. A little bit goes a long way. Sam Cooke taught me that. Sam Cooke taught me everything.

Back from the Big I. shoots. the tour is going well. St.Cloud was an all you can eat spirit buffet. we showed up the Keller Bar and everything felt so out of focus. questions of cover, who was working the door, who was running sound, yadda yadda.

I took a couple deep breaths. I surrendered my false ideas of control. I let go of expectations and just let things take their course.

The course, as it turned out, was entirely awesome.

It felt so nice to see all my people in St.Cloud come out and really support what I’m doing. The vibe in that basement bar was so righteous, the energy was so pure. It was our first show back as a band and we hardly missed a beat. The whole night was just a party. A short and sweet couple of hours, gone in an instant, endlessly expanding eternally. I saw a lot of faces I hadn’t seen in awhile. Talked to a brother who travels all over the world and climbs mountains with his Father.  I got to see the good ol’ Red Carpet bar crew. I got to see Mitch Fogel and Kyle Miller. Old friends from high school. Remnants of a past life.

Looking out on that crowd I also saw someone I thought I’d never see again. A bridge I’d burned in my more youthful desire and arrogance. The one person I thought would never give me a second chance. She was there. Standing next to some of my favorite people in the world. I sang her a song. She just smiled.

It just goes to show, forgiveness is divine.

It’s 4:30 AM and we just got back from Mankato. Tomorrow we drive to Sioux Falls. It’s so crazy guys. Every time I wake up in the car I swear I’m on the Big Island still. It’s almost a little disconcerting. To be so far from my beloved people on that sacred island. It’s a good lesson in exercising the infinite aura of presence that goes beyond the physical world. It’s good to still feel my ocean tribe even though we’re so far way. I can feel the fire of the island burning in my veins even in the northern cold.

They say you can’t be in two places at once. They just weren’t doing it right.

Shout out to everyone I love. Which is, of course, YOU.

Ohm Shakti.






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