…But that’s not really why I started writing this. This is just a little foundation to let you in on what goes on in my mind. What I really, really, really want to share, ABOVE ALL ELSE, is how incredibly joyful and blessed I am and have been and will be.

Today for example. I wake up and my first thought is “DON’T THINK.”

yessss. this is it. this is the path. I’m getting there. I’m already there.

But after a bunch of  thoughts about thinking and not thinking, and prayers of love to the most high and offerings of love and protections to my family, my loved ones, and my friends, I find myself sitting on a picnic table surrounded by palm trees. Rainfall and sunshine share a subtle and sometimes exotic and explosive dance. Up walks this beautiful girl. She smiles at me so sweetly, sets down a piece of paper, and begins to trace my feet. She kindly remarks as to which colors I may or may not like and a few minutes later she walks back with two slabs of leather and two long strands of leather binding. Next thing you know she’s telling me all about her life building boats and hiking in the mountains, and teaching people to make their own sandals. She’s telling me about a boy named Seamus who lives in Maine. He’s a boy genius, her best friend, a star child who is eons beyond his body. She teaches me how to make knots. One is like a figure 8. I ask her if she used to be a sailor. She smiles and says to me

Yeah, I used to be a sailor.

So now I’ve got this whole new perspective toward what an empowered woman looks like and all that capable and sacred brilliance that comes from investing time into the little things around us and adding our own GENUINE INDIVIDUALITY to the things we create and that take up our time. I took some time. I listened, and now I’ve got stories of sailing and tying knots, I’ve got this newfound romance for the northeast and sailor dreams of riding a ship down the coast. I’ve got a cool new friend who brightened my day and as it happens I’ve also got a brand new pair of sandals.

This is it. This is what I live for. This is why we’re here. To love and teach and share with each other.

I want to give you all telepathic hugs and offer up prayers that we keep growing and forever practice walking in genuine warm regard for each other and striving for our own unique personal and universal harmony and leaps and bounds and steady steps towards bliss.

I relieve you from my thoughts for now. It is with deepest love that I bid you adieu until the next time I’m inspired to write.


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