see the dust kick up as he stomps the rocks?

like some titan. some tidal wave shaking creation from clay

look at him walking barefoot up the mountain

look at the cactus crushed beneath his feet

the broken fangs of rattlesnakes

scorpions flee from him

the coyotes yip and cajole with intrepid laughter for some child of long forgotten kings has returned

he walks

and all the blessings of sweet Gaia walk with him

in the morning
sweet songbirds sing of his waking
young prince! young prince! rise and shine! such bliss! such love! such sweet wonders await you!

in the evening time

spiders weave secret tidings at his coming.

owls hoot and coo and make small tempests of fury and feathers

stirring, stirring, stirring

sending stark swooshing spirals in soliloquy sounds saying:

awake creatures of the night!

something wishful this way comes.

what child  is this who has come to adore these woods?

how lucky am I? to be here in the audience of such a making?

behold, my people

there are gods among us

yet here, in this flesh?

Do remiss and say “I am just another child of chaos”

of course we are are

but we are also dust and stars and earth and heaven and all the stuff of angels

so lay your burdens down and sing: content to dream, to lay by the river in this baking sunlight.

bask with me.

let our kind sun helios warm our skin

see how steadfast he is?

look he burns and burns and burns

shining so brightly with his life giving radiance

so let us too invite these other hosts

let the wind blow

let the rain fall

let the forest sing

let the storms come

let the desert be dry

let the mountains tower in their infinite wisdom

a drop of my blood for each

for I am here with the river, in the audience of apollo and artemis

for I am here, and I am free to be wild

for am here, and here is where I am happiest

let me speak to you on good apollo.

I heard you love horses.

have you seen his mighty steed, the sire of Bucephalus?

behold. Apollo and his flaming chariot of horses

legs furiously pumping

I hear his voice like lightning and thunder as he BELLOWS in sunrah ecstasy




and from that moment all beasts bring forth their own light

for the great and wild Apollo has ushered in another day with fair tidings

tendrils of light sneak into all the shadows and hiding places

don’t you hear their whispers?

can you feel these tickles on your ears?

wake from your sleep, oh dreamers.

the sun god beckons you to rise.

And unto you, oh, Artemis, fair huntress and queen of moontide and spring. Teach me to see what you see.

Let your favor adorn me in cypress. for I’ve been walking barefoot through the forests and leaving sweet lavender in the secret places of trees.




they call me.

child. lay down with your wretched pain and wailing, remember these waters will always comfort you.

come be washed, come be purified, come be cleaned.

it’s time to put these bottles down and quench your thirst with a fire more fitting.

abandon these aggressions.

Bring your strength into stillness.

like vetiver and turquoise

like citrine and cedar

like a forest flowers

like a gateway to gardens of endless grace

bloom and blossom,

bloom, and blossom

Like Sage and sweetgrass,

Like cinnamon and sunflower

light a fire.

be freed.

Let your flames burn bright, but keep their forces stoking for something that serves your stallion spirit. Don’t let pain and madness hold you, only sculpt this container for your joy and praise. Don’t you see the way the leaves dance at their leaving? Can’t you too cover the ground with past seasons that you might nurture your roots and be shelter for the forest? Then, when comes your time of flowering, let your fruits spring forth and feed all the beauty that surrounds you with that true foxfire that burns in your veins.

sing something sweet my darling dreamers, let your world of wonders unfold.

for even the songbirds long for your echoes

and nothing, my young love, will ever hold your quite as deeply as the power of these woods, these trees, these running waters.

these rivers.

there are rocks that press their ancient stillness into my back

as I stride and hop from boulder to boulder

taking pause to bask in the that canopy green, to follow those noncommittal dancers of light as they kiss the stream and I too believe.

if only my light could spill out like the sun then maybe I too could dance on these gentle waters


as my eyes are blinded by those secret and indescribable colors that come from the reflecting sun


maybe we’ve been dancing all along

for spirit

for country

for salvation and song

we’ve been dancing




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