Don’t let fear decide.

Anger, separation, and all this “keeping score” only serves to create more division and heartache. YOU CANNOT GET EVEN WITH ANYBODY. we will all hurt each other eventually, whether we mean too or not. the most important thing is forgiveness and acceptance. we are all flawed and thus our actions are too. the greatest gift we can offer one another is acceptance of our perfect imperfections, and forgiveness when we fall from our highest selves.

I’m looking forward to the day when men and women can set aside their differences and treat each other with love, honor, and respect and uphold the notion of ONENESS over fear, shame, and envy.

Sending love and strength and grace to anyone suffering hard times over thanksgiving. you are not alone. family is everything and we are all family. let’s work closer towards grace and love. let’s heal old wounds and make space in our hearts for growth and love.

I’m giving thanks for all y’all out there making life beautiful 

bless it up.


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