as human consciousness continues to evolve and grow, people are becoming increasingly aware, considerate, and growing more compassionate towards themselves, their communities, and to their environments.

as this rapid yet subtle transformation happens those who have invested and gambled on anticipated profits from the food, water, coal and oil industries are at an all out free for all to take as much as they can as quickly as they can, because they SEE that future generations, if given the opportunity, would abandon these harmful and archaic (although highly profitable) methods of “energy” sourcing in favor of honest, balanced, and innovative energy operations that implement modern technology in harmony with our fragile yet infinitely powerful environment.

there is a BEAUTIFUL free and sustainable energy movement happening all over the planet right now. from permaculture to solar power, the solutions are endless and can allow us to operate within this consumer paradigm without destroying the planet. the reason these innovations and opportunities are being rejected, ignored, and in many cases sabotaged, is because the future of clean energy is not an immediate multibillion dollar industry. As the possession of power currently stands- the men who own the governments and call the shots are working a mile a minute in the direction of disaster for SHORT TERM GAINS that will result in LONG TERM SUFFERING that we can not even begin to understand.

the last remaining efforts of those machine minded industrialists is to take those resources freely and widely available from our mother the earth, poison them to the point that they create scarcity, and then turn them into commodities and profit from the decimation of fresh water and forests.

the time is now to make our position firm. we will not allow corporations who manipulate the uneducated consumer masses to destroy our aquifers, our rivers, and our lakes under the pretense of economic stimulation and energetic necessity.

I am writing this in solidarity with my brothers and sisters from the hinterland and shire and all throughout Australia who are putting their bodies on the line at the Bentley Blockade; and to all peoples on this earth who are standing up against resource warfare for future generations to ensure our rivers and waters are still safe to drink so that our farms and gardens can produce food safe to eat.

this is not a protest. this is not an issue of political affiliations. this is a matter of the safety and well being of the human race.

we must make our voices the outcome of these times will shape the quality of life as we know it on this planet.




  • charlie gorman
    September 22, 2014, 8:29 am  Reply

    water is everything! that was one of the best points of view message i have ever read! i am going to Iowa city to see you play! iyour music is really good and i cant wait to hear you live! keep doin what your doin. you are gonna make it big and be able to spread your words to the masses. see ya in Iowa city!

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