I got off the plane and charged straight through the fields of dried lava and abandoned plastics. I found tunnels and whispers of ancestors in the cracks and hollows. I saw wraiths in the multi-colored inks of consummate refuse. I wandered for a mile with my airplane thoughts. I prayed that I might be welcomed with grace and abundance. I mused and prayed and whistled in the sunlight until I found my peace.

That’s when I found the road. The road that I thought would lead me to you, but in some island twist, brought you straight to me.

We drove along the mountain highways and down to the coast.

Dinners and sunshine and the reminescent talk that fond lovers share.

We talked and walked and howled into the deep blue ocean. I thought I saw a spiky critter on the rocks. You returned from your dive with the creature tamed and dancing in your hand. We made offerings of pretty stones we found and arranged them on the rocks for our gods to see.

Then the rain began. Gently. Almost as a suggestion, that those coupled on the beach in ecstacy should pull just a bit closer and embrace fully the shared synchronicity and undeniable bliss of this life.

We woke from our embrace with speckles of fresh water kisses on our faces. The sweet sky fall persisted. Just enough to fall in kisses upon your face and catch that brilliant light forecasted in rainbows as we walked all along the green and triumphant coast.

The thing about dreaming, is you can always wake up into a new dream with new love and new life.

Last night I dreamed a thousand dreams.

Today I woke up to a hilo sunrise and the laughter of children. Spoonfuls of cereal, delivered with airplane gestures, to the future generation, and a home, warm and welcome, with which to plant a spirit garden.

Bless the seeds. Bless the harvest.

For with that which grows, we will feed our millions.



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