look! there was once a river here but since the factory came there is no river to drink from. so now the people have to buy their water from the next town over but there’s a factory there now too.

there were once deep wells here but a company called nestle came and drilled 17 million gallons of fresh water and siphoned it into plastic bottles to sell to the other town, so now there’s no water here and really no choice but to go to the NEXT town over where the farm used to be.

but now where the farm once stood there’s a warehouse filled with plastic goods shipped from across the world that now sit on plastic displays waiting to be bought.

so the field is gone but there’s a parking lot to house the cars and a highway to get them there and a drive through and a stadium and a theater and a mall and all of them have parking lots and lights and the lights never turn off and in the winter they are heated 24/7 and in the summer they are air conditioned and NONE OF THEM WILL EVER REALLY FEED US but they do feed ON US and our precious resources.

if this keeps going there will be nothing left but plastic, waste, and concrete.

we can’t continue to minimize or ignore the whole global context of suffering and exploitation that our consumer haze has built for us. these so called deals might be good for now, but no future can afford the real cost of this mindlessness.

what’s hot and fresh this year will be a chunk of useless ink and plastic the next. meanwhile across the globe children slave away in burning factories to produce for our whimsy. don’t be fooled by the vultures. there is no long term investment in this madness. the value of products may be high now, but when all the fields are gone and all the rivers sullied up there will be no feasting on the iphone17.

black friday is dark indeed. but there will always be salvation in the garden. think of all the barren lots. think of all the vacant spaces. these are the new city centers. if we put all of our energy towards creating sustainable food sources and purifying waters, there would be enough work for everyone. we could entertain ourselves with the fruits of our own labors and look with pride upon our countryside.

let’s cultivate our appetites towards something with longevity.

envisioning white light friday.




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