they’re burning beaches to build buildings. someone scores big on a construction contract. uneducated power hungry politicians change laws. excite laborers with sports and women and beer. workers toil, suits cheer at grand openings, but moments later they foreclose and sit vacant and empty. they decide to build bigger better ones, the profit grows but the trees don’t come back in time so the value¬†drops and the big wallets and big investors just move along down the beach. to bulldoze more. to build more. to build them bigger. so now there’s less beach and less trees and less breath for you and me.

now they plan to destroy the reef and silence the life of the sea.

a moment of silence. for the howling of the waves, replaced with a thousand toilets flushing into the ocean outside a highrise megaplex where they serve $100 a plate FRESH TUNA at the hotel restaurant.

three cheers for the changing years.


  • Rebecca Reinecke
    August 11, 2014, 4:21 pm  Reply

    My 22 year old daughter introduced my to your music and words last night. She is feeling a little sick and still made the hour drive to my home last evening to lay in my bed and play your music for me. We also read your blogs together.. Words fail me at the moment..But the way her eyes lit up was amazing. She has had many personal struggles for years not but you seem to get to her heart. I wanted to say a big thank you for that.. I also found myself so incredibly moved by your unbelievable thought provoking lyrics.. cant wait to get your collection very soon.

    Thank you
    Rebecca Reinecke

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