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A message from the album:

In the midst of all this war, all this disease, and all this chaos, it is crucial now, more than ever, that we all unite with our hearts, our voices, and our works, to come together and create a better world for this generation and for the next generations to come.

We will not allow another world war.

We will not stand idle while reckless industrialists destroy our rivers and waters and steal our seeds.

We will not turn a blind eye to the children suffering in our own cities for lack of education and compassion.

We were meant to work for more than just a paycheck. We are builders and seekers and dreamers and the time is now to unite for a future of peace and prosperity.

These songs are my offerings to you, songs of prayer and praise to dream up our own paradise in these magnificent and changing times and bring something harmonious and wonderful to life.


For Bentley, for Uluru, for the Shire. For the Great Barrier Reef and sacred Arnhem land. For the Great Lakes and the Gulf Coast. For Fukushima and the Kenai Peninsula. For Kawa’a, and for Mauna Kea. For the great Hawaiian Islands. For the dolphins, for the forests, for the oceans. For the children, for the elders, for the bees. For the Appalachian Mountains, for the Black Hills and the Boundary Waters. For the great free waters of our world- We sing.

To the lakes. To the rivers. To the groundwaters and aquifers. To all the mighty freshwaters that hold the key to our freedom and prosperity. May we be light in a time of darkness and be love in a time where love is needed most. May those whose false enterprises stand to destroy our planet through careless exploitation of resources be blessed with sincere realizations of the precious balance required to sustain life on this beautiful planet. May we all unite as innovators and activists to create a better world for future generations. The time for peace and prosperity is now. Find your voice and sing. Find your light and let it shine.

Recorded live in Denver, Colorado. Engineered and mixed by Chris McNaughton. All thanks and praises to the most high.

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